• The State/UT begins with short listing the potential Smart Cities on the basis of:
    • Conditions Precedent
    • Scoring Criteria
  • The first stage of the competition was intra-state
    • Highest scoring potential Smart Cities were shortlisted and recommended to participate in Stage 2 of the Challenge.
  • The cities emerging successful in the first round of competition was sent by the State/UT as the shortlisted city under the Smart Cities Mission of MoUD.
  • The MoUD thereafter announced the list of 98 Smart Cities from across the nation in which Guwahati was also included.
  • In the second stage of the competition, each of the potential 98 Smart Cities prepared their Smart City Proposal (SCP) for participation in the ‘City Challenge’.
  • Smart City Proposal (SCP) was expected to contain the model chosen, whether retrofitting or redevelopment or Greenfield development or a mix thereof, and additionally include a Pan-City dimension with Smart Solutions.